Giving Back and providing fresh healthy food choices

Summer is coming and this is the best time to plan ways you and your family can give back. Gardeners are some of the most generous people I know, and it feels great… Continue reading

Free Tulips

Thanks to a local office building that digs up their tulips every year, I have a colorful spring in my front yard for free. I do not think you could ever have too… Continue reading

Lenten Rose blooming by Easter

Memorial Day Memories in Michigan

Still fighting with the poison ivy, popping up everywhere. At least the spring flowers are doing well. Added more seeds for late summer color, we will have to wait and see.     

sculpture garden memories 

I am practicing posting from my phone with some photos from The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum in Austin Texas. A must see on any trip to Austin. 

Getting ready for spring

           My Aunt Connie reminded me of some photos I had taken last summer at her friends garden. She had invited me to tour the yard in a Milwaukee… Continue reading

Geese over Lake Michigan ice peaks

It’s 42 degrees today and sunny, large ice chucks are breaking away from the ice mounds along Lake Michigan and floating away into the lake. This is the first official sign that winter… Continue reading

Do swans on the river mean spring is near?

The Winter Garden

The snow does not seem to be stopping any time soon. This afternoon I was looking at a garden magazine, I had to put it down, just too depressing! On the left of… Continue reading

Hot Days of Summer

The summer is truly here, 95 degree heat, mosquito’s and less rain. I actually needed to start watering this week. Not that it was so dry, but that I have found if my… Continue reading